Why cleanse?

Simply because it’s one of the best things you could ever do for your body and mind! Sometimes we all need a fresh start, a new beginning and even a wakeup call to snap out of our unhealthy habits/patterns, stories, addictions, and even pity parties. Our bodies are innately intelligent and try to adapt to our life style choices physically mentally and emotionally. When things aren’t working, we know. Our bodies tell us everyday where we are at if we would just turn, feel and look inwards, we would know what needs to be taken care of. Let’s be honest. Many of the things that we choose to eat on a regular basis are really not that good for us. Things such as dairy, wheat, sugar, refined flours, fast foods, factory farmed meat, alcohol, highly processed packaged and canned foods, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and all unhealthy toxic smoking habits. These are things people know we should avoid. So why do we keep doing them? Emotional binging, habit, immediate comfort, temporary happiness.

It’s easier to simply continue what we know than to make the right choices and changes. We understand we truly do, but eventually, you pay the price for those habits and poor choices.

Still not convinced? Here’s more reasons why…

Juice Cleanse Accomplishments

Essentially in this order – although all of these items are occurring at once – the following is what we are achieving and addressing with Juice Cleansing:

  1. Ending the addition of toxic/foreign/depleted foods into our bodies.
  2. Drinking nutrient dense living juices with superfoods/supplements
  3. Physiological rest
  4. Removing uneliminated waste matter in small intestine and colon
  5. Hydration
  6. Removing uneliminated toxins in the blood, lymph, and at the cellular level throughout the body
  7. Alkalinization
  8. Reduction/eradication of inflammation/chronic pain
  9. Cellular Oxygenation
  10. Rejuvenation of metabolism and digestive system
  11. Restoration of nutrients
  12. Rebuilding/Healing

Every major body system gets protected from disease on a Juice Cleanse.

That includes your…

Elimination system, Immune system & lymph nodes, Skin, Liver, blood, colon and digestive system, Skeletal system, heart and arteries, brain, eyes ,nervous system, endocrine system (hormone regulation) and reproductive system.

There’s not a single organ in your body that won’t be touched and improved by Juice Cleansing. You are bathing your cells in Nature’s medicine 24 hours a day!

Give yourself the gift of Optimum Health and longevity!