I really needed something to get my health back on track so I tried Prana’s 7 Day Juice Cleanse. All I can say is that it was the best experience and life transforming 7 days of my life. I banished cravings, I lost 12 pounds in 7 days and could still workout while I was living on just Juices. I highly recommend everyone to give it a try, the results are amazing! I plan on doing another 7 days before the year is over. Thank you Joanne, your juices, your professionalism and your coaching is unmatched.
– Nancy Carriere

At first I was skeptical about all the juice cleanses on the market today but after consulting with Joanne Gero and doing her 10 Day raw food and Juice cleanse, I have a new zest for life! I am much happier, more grounded, my skin glows, all my sugar cravings are gone, I lost 9 pounds and for the first time in my life I feel like I have this health thing under control and I am confident now on how to make better food choices and now I’m a juicer for life. Thank you Joanne Gero for all the delicious love food and healing juices. You are the best!
– Diane Digby

I have been wanting to try this raw food thing for over a year and did not know where to begin. I contacted Joanne Gero and we met. Form the very first moment I met her she exuded so much energy and vitality I knew I was in good hands. I really loved my 3 Day Juice Cleanse. I loved the fact all the juices are made fresh just before they are delivered, they change daily, they are 100 % organic and bottled in glass. The juices are so tasty, so potent, you actually feel it in every juice you crack open. Joanne you are the best Coach ever, your juices are superb, thank you for all the love and support.
– Vanessa Cortez

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer and Social Worker. As such, I pride myself on being an extremely healthy and informed individual.

I decided to do the juice feast with Joanne’s guidance as I already knew the benefits of cleansing and fasting, but also knew there were many considerations like how to properly detoxify, how to ensure you are still obtaining the right nutrients, how to eliminate effectively during the feast and more. Joanne had an easy to follow program which provided me with all of the information I needed to know and also her ongoing support throughout which proved so valuable as I found even as a nutritionist I had a ton of questions!

Although the feast was challenging both physically and mentally, I noticed a number of great improvements in my body that were very subtle and things that I was never able to fully get rid of through dietary changes alone. I became more in tune with my body and also gained more mental clarity and focus. The biggest accomplishment for me was meeting the 10 day goal and achieving something that not many people set out to do.

I would highly recommend Joanne’s Juice Feast program to both the experienced person and also those who are new to natural health as a necessary way to guide and inform you along the way and to ensure that you receive the optimum benefit of a juice cleansing program. I continue to follow Joanne’s work on both Facebook and her website as they are both a source of important and interesting information.

Thanks again Joanne for all of your guidance and motivation to us all!
Gillian Reid, B.S.W., R.H.N. C.P.T.
Owner Vive Nutrition For Life

I cannot praise enough about Joanne’s juice feasting program. From a confirmed skeptic to an astonished believer, Joanne Gero’s Juice Feast has helped me reset my way of thinking about food and what I can do to lead a healthier, vibrant life. Jo, my endless gratitude to you for the change you’ve created in me; this program, along with your coaching, endless energy and optimism, has allowed me to view life with new hope. I’m eating so much better and still juicing! I love it and YOU for being there for me.
– Charlene Lokey

In summary, the past ten days has been life changing. Not only did I achieve what I set out to accomplish in detoxing and cleansing my body but so many other unexpected things occurred as well. I am addicted to yoga (and the Zen Stretch movement) now, I am much more aware of my surroundings and in what I breathe, hear, see, touch and smell. My creative juices are flowing again and this excites me because I have already opened some new doors in my acting career along with my modeling. I know my intestines are clear of plaque (although I will still use my “Fun Bag” on occasion to make sure) and that my digestion will be firing on all cylinders. My skin and hair are looking very healthy thanks to all the video tips Joanne supplements her program with.
Nathane L. Jackson cpt,cscs & kbts
Toronto, ON

Absolutely Amazing Results! I had the opportunity to join Joanne’s 10-Day Juice Cleanse and the results were unbelievable.

The cleanse was fun, tasty and best of its great for you. I saw my body transform from Day 1, when my body started releasing the toxins. By Day 5 I was feeling overly optimistic and motivated, I had much more energy and am now ready to take on the world. I no longer crave junk food! Never thought a Juice Cleanse could have such a great effect on both my body and mind.
– Candice James Leblanc

My experience on Joanne’s Juice feasting Program was absolutely amazing! With Joanne’s inspirational daily emails I was able to not only gain the motivation to carry on for the whole feast, but also gain an abundance of very valuable knowledge on the functions of the digestive system and the holistic nature of the body. After day 7 I felt so good, that I decided to continue past the 10 day mark and made it up to 15! This program was a great jump start to my new healthy lifestyle!
– Nicola

Joanne’s Juice feasting program has been a life altering experience for me. Never before have I felt so good, energized and rejuvenated. I am now hooked on to this new aspect of my lifestyle, and would love to recommend it to everyone.
– Pratishtha Durga

Participating in Joanne Gero’s juice feasting program redirected me in all the right directions for my life’s journey. During the 10 day juice feast I had all the energy I needed to go about my day to day and more. Your videos are very informative, helpful, encouraging, passionate and inspirational just like you. Asides from all the health benefits, I feel great, lost weight and am refocused. It’s exactly what I needed. I can’t thank you enough. You are magnificent! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.
– Lily Zourikian

I ordered Prana’s 3 Day Juice Cleanse and was very impressed with the amount of care put into serving me as a client and providing me tailored juices to me special needs. The juices are outstanding and crazy delicious. If you want to cleanse your body I highly recommend Prana’s Juice cleanses!

Thanks Joanne for the extra love and support through it all, you rawk!
– Julie St.Patrick

I cannot rave enough about the raw food that Prana offers. I have been ordering raw food, smoothies and juices for over 3 months now and my life has a whole new meaning. I feel and look better than I have in over 30 years of my life and I could not have ever done it without the support of Joanne Gero. I cannot wait for the Detox Wellness Centers to open! Joanne, thank you.
– Robert Berci

I ordered my 3 Day Juice cleanse on line, got it 2 days later delivered to my door at 5 am and cannot believe how amazing the juices taste. I will definitely be ordering periodically and I love the glass bottles! Thanks Prana
– Andrea Newmar

I’m a musician on the road a lot and I need quick healthy snacks and juices to keep me going. When I’m in town, I always order from Prana, their juices and raw food are outstanding and nutrient dense. Thanks Prana
– Ryan Silverstein

Prana makes the best tasting raw desserts ever! I never feel guilty about wanting a treat cause I know they are all make with 100% organic raw foods. The best part of it all, they are vegan, they nourish my body and that is the best feeling in the world! Joanne you make magic at Prana. Thank you;)
– Diane Lucerne