Our vision at Prana is to create consciousness between the type of foods we eat daily and its direct affect on the body mind and soul. We are committed to make the best tasting food in the world that will cleanse and nourish and heal the body.

Our vision it to create a Global Wellness Community where everyone can feel confident and reassured about the quality of their food choices, empower themselves and learn how to make better choices that will help the human race thrive and live long, healthy, happy, vibrant lives!

Conscious food crafting infused with love to cleanse, nourish and heal the world!


Prana offers a bonifide solution for the lack of healing centers worldwide for you and your families. We the freshest, healthiest raw, organic, vegan foods, cold pressed juices, snacks and desserts.

All our raw organic produce is carefully washed with alkaline oxygenated spring water, made with love and prepared with intentions to cleanse, nourish, rejuvenate and heal your body.
When we awaken our consciousness about quality of food and incorporate fresh living organic foods into our lifestyles, a miracle takes place…the body begins to heal itself, and your life changes instantaneously.

A feeling of love, well being and energy flow within the minute you take your very first bite of life from Prana.

Our food is perfectly aligned with our 100% philosophy: fresh, raw, organic, sustainable, fairly traded, saves the animals, honours mother earth, hand crafted with lots of love, and we use only eco friendly packaging and refundable glass bottles.

Let our love food be your medicine!

Joanne Gero

Owner/Founder Prana Center
Naturopath ND
Holistic Nutritionist
Raw food Chef & Coach
Skincare Specialist