About Joanne Gero

joanne-geroJoanne Gero is considered to be one of the top Health and Nutrition Pioneers/ Coaches of our time! With over 27 years experience in the Health & Nutrition Industry as a Naturopath ND, Detox Specialist, and Raw food Chef she exudes immeasurable energy, practices what she preaches and has committed her entire life into healing the world, one person at a time. With over 13 years experience as a raw vegan chef and coaching thousands of people on how to transform their lives through quality of food and understanding how to cleanse nourish and heal the body, she inspires the masses about the healing powers of food and how it affects us physically mentally and emotionally. Offering Naturopath consulting services along with the latest cutting edge raw vegan workshops, health and wellness lectures, detox programs and private or group raw cuisine cooking classes, you will fall in love with living food all over again. Just a few minutes spent with Joanne and you will automatically feel her presence, her vitality and it will leave you feeling alive and ready to transform your life! It’s time to press the reset button in your life!

Our Mission

Joanne Gero’s mission is to Raise Awareness Worldwide through educating and inspiring people to shift and awaken their consciousness about the miracle of life, the importance of quality of food, juicing, fasting and the direct link it has to one’s overall Health & Well Being. Embracing a body friendly lifestyle opens the door to profound dimensions of the human being, raises self awareness and heads us in the right direction by rediscovering our own self healing powers and potential. My service to this world is to share my passion, educate the masses and help transform and save lives! Coming 2016! Prana Centers will be opening its first of many Wellness Juicing & Detox Centers!